Hey guys, I am here with a new post on how to unbrick your micromax bolt D321. Sometimes you format your phone but what happen if it get stuck at the bootlogo. While flashing custom roms you may also soft brick your phone. To solve this problem I am gonna tell you very simple and effective method to get your phone in a working state. You just need to download some tools and drivers which are mentioned below.For more details watch video below.


  1. SP Flash tool (Download Here)
  2. Micromax D321 Firmware(Download Here)
  3. Install proper drivers for your device(VCOM drivers)


  1. Download and extract SP Flash Tool as well as Micromax D321 firmware.
  2. Now in SP Flash Tool folder you will get SPTool.exe file, open it
  3. Now click on scatter loading and browse the Micromax D321 firmware folder.
  4. You will get file named android scatter, select and open that file.
  5. You will see that lots of file will get loaded on your sp tool screen.
  6. Now select “download only” from drop down menu.
  7. And press download button.
  8. Now remove battery from your phone and connect it to your PC using USB cable.
  9. When you connect your phone then flashing will start automatically.
  10. Wait for 3-4 minutes.
  11. After successful install of firmware you will see the green circle.
  12. Now remove your phone from pc and reboot it.
  13. You will now get your mobile in working state.

Hope it will work for you…If you are facing any problem then feel free to ask me…




  1. sandeep kumar says:

    i have a micrimax d321. I was playing online game and it get hang on game. I pull out the battery and re insert it. But phone get hang on bolt logo. Than i try it to flash using sp tool but the fashing is gone successful but when i try to reboot it nothing is happen. Then i google to get more informaton on flashing, i found that the software that i have flashed was not matching with what written behind the phone. Not it is not detected by usb. What to do now?


  2. Jishnu says:

    My phone doesn’t start flashing, I think the device is not detected, when I insert battery and connect, it will show charging. But as u said, I tried to connect without battery there is no response from flashtool . Is there any way ? I checked device manager, when I connect, there is no change in device manager. I had installed all drivers itself.Why it is happening, pls help me sir


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