Hello friends, here I’m gonna tell you how to fix the problem of invalid IMEI in any MTK 6582 device. In temporary method you loose your IMEI after the factory reset. If you want to flash other ROM then you will loose your IMEI again but in this method I will show you how to fix this permanently so that you can enjoy flashing various custom roms without any problem 🙂

Just follow the steps given below in order to fix your IMEI invalid issue permanently:

Firstly you need to download following files:

  1. MauiMETA 3G (Download Here)
  2. Android Gadget CDC driver (Download Here)
  3. SP drivers (Download Here)
  4. BPLGU modem file for MTK6582 (Download Here)

Follow the steps:

  1. Download and extract the above files
  2. Turn on USB Debugging mode in your phone and connect it to via cable
  3. Install the SP drivers (If you are facing problem the follow this guide:HOW TO INSTALL MTK65** )
  4. After installing SP driver install MauiMETA and run it
  5. Select USB VCOM as shown in given screenshot belowmaui1
  6. Now click on Options menu and select Connect smart phone in meta mode.m2
  7. Switch off your phone then press reconnect and connect your phone in switch off state(your phone will glow and show bootlogo so no need to worry!!!)
  8. The blinking led in application will become yellow and you can see “Connected with target”m3
  9. From drop down menu select “IMEI download”.m4
  10. Click OK till you see IMEI download box.
  11. Click Change NVRAM Database File and browse to
    MT6582 DB FileMT6582BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6582_S00_MOLY_WR8_W1315_MD_WG_MP_V5_1_wg_
  12. If any warning appears ignore it by clicking Ok
  13. Leave IMEI Increasemnt “0”
  14. Write first 14 digits of your IMEI in IMEI box
  15. The 15th digit will automatically appear in checksum field
  16. Similarly do for sim 2 also 🙂
  17. Press Download To Flash.
  18. Now you will see Download IMEI to flash successfully
  19. Restart your Phone and you will get your both the sim network working. You can also check your IMEI by dialling *#06#
  20. You have successfully fixed your IMEI invalid issue permanently.

If you face any problem feel free to ask I am always there to help you 🙂



  1. Abhinav Kumar says:

    Thanks Sir…
    I have successfully recovered my IMEI. I was very scared when I lost my IMEI during flashing custom ROM.Finally I found this post and it really proved useful for me.


  2. gerardo says:

    hi a have bad news i can’t get to go back the imeis to the device the app tell that it’s ok but when i check with *#06# the answers is invalid for both imeis


  3. m.sena says:

    Init failed…this error appears every time.its say connected device nvrm is different,but mine is mt6582,just not s00,its E01!
    How fix it,plz hlp 😦
    Honor 3c h30_u10


  4. Мурод Махмудов says:

    Hi,thank you for help!I restore my imei and learn this….It is the one of the best post for restoring imei!


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