To install various Mediatek USB VCOM drivers firstly you need to disable signature verification in your PC having windows 8/8.1 or above.To disable signature verification follow the steps given below:


  1. Go to Setting of your PC and follow the path: Setting/Update & Security/Recovery/Advanced StartupSV5
  2. Now click on “Restart now”
  3. Then your computer will reboot into start up menuSV3
  4. At next screen click Troubleshoot and click Advanced Options SV6
  5. Choose Startup Settings and then click Restart buttonSV8
  6. The computer reboots and prompts another menu to choose
  7. One of the items is to Disable driver signature enforcement
  8. Press number 7 or F7 to continue booting to Windows 8/8.1/10 with digital sign enforcement disabledSV2

Now you have disabled verification signature for the current boot of your system.Thus you can now install the USB Vcom drivers 🙂

If you are facing any problem feel free to ask…


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