Hey, many of you have faced problems like losing your IMEI and Baseband while flashing custom roms on your android phone.This results in no network detection by your phone. This might happen due to the swipping of MP0B_001 file from the NVRAM folder.The path is like this- “ROOT/DATA/NVRAM/MD/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001”.

So now don’t worry I have several methods for restoring or getting your IMEI back again.Just follow the steps given below:

If you want to permanently fix this issue then follow this guide:


METHOD 1:(without PC)[Your Mobile should be rooted]

In this method you don’t need any PC you can do this just in your phone by following steps:

  1. Download the Mobile Uncle Tool from Play Store
  2. Open it and grant superuser permission(it will ask automatically)
  3. Open Engineering Mode and then Tap on Engineering Mode(MTK)
  4. Select Connectivity then CDS Information >Radio Information
  5. You will get Options – Phone 1 and Phone 2
  6. Select “Phone 1” then you will get screen as shown in screenshot 6
  7. Select AT+EGMR=1,7,”your imei”(write your IMEI for sim1 in double quotes)
  8. Then press button “SEND AT COMMAND” and Reboot your phone
  9. Similarly, for second IMEI select “Phone 2” then you will get screen as shown in screenshot 9
  10. Select AT+EGMR=1,10,”your imei”(write your IMEI for sim2 in double quotes)
  11. Then press button “SEND AT COMMAND” and Reboot your phone

Now your both sim will work properly 🙂


METHOD 2: Using MTK Droid Tool[Phone must be rooted]

1. Download MTK Droid Tool zip file

2. Now extract the zip file and open the MTK droid tools exe file.

3. When you will open application the screen given below will be shown


4. Now turn on USB Debugging in your phone by going to developer option

5. Connect your phone to PC so that MTK tool detect your Device

6. When MTK tool detect your device, it shows all the information of your device

7. Now click on the root button to obtain root privilage

8. After that tap on replace IMEI then you will get the screen shown below



9. Write both the IMEI of your phone from your phone box and tap on replace IMEI

10. Then tap on reboot button and you will get your IMEI 🙂





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